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24 January 2009 @ 09:43 pm
Please follow these rules, they are so easy to follow and there are so few. I hate rules to be honest, they suck the fun out of everything but we have to respect others.

+ Bashing of any cast member is forbidden. This is not a haters community. Any bashing spotted will be followed with a warning. If you carry on you will be banned.

+ Please tag your post. There is a fair amount of tags already added. If you need a tag added make a note on your post and a mod will add it for you.

+ When posting icons you do not need to use the actress or actor tags. Just use the fan art: icons etc tags. Use the actress and actor tags when making news posts and images of them. If your not sure feel free to ask.

+ Please keep all previews to less than 400px. When posting icons only post 4 teasers. You can link to locked journals|communities, it's then up to that person if they wish to join or not lol.

+ When posting news please copy and paste the article under a cut. A small 'preview' is allowed but try not to spam people's friends pages. Remember to add a source at the bottom of your post as well please.

+ Please do not fight/bash any other members. Remember not everyone is going to have the same opinion as you and this is a free country. You may have 'dicussions' but please try and keep it to a discussion and not an arguement.